Giulio Lettina

Founder, CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Board of Directors President

Was born in Catania on April 15, 1993 and he  lives  in Santa Teresa di Riva (Messina). He attended the High Scientific school in Santa Teresa di Riva, graduating in 2011. He visited many european metropolis like London, Rome, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Prague, Budapest, Berlin, Lisbon. At 12 years old he  created his own website and obtained the Microsoft Office Specialist, and only four years later he published his first iOS app in Apple's App Store, Latino, an useful app for students of latin language. He met Filippo Di  Bella in the High school and they became friends expecially during the 2nd year but only in  the last year they began to project Fifteen. In 2012-2013 he also worked for Xdevel-Stream Solution-EarOne.
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